Determining The Correct Bra Size

We want our wonderful bra to fit you perfectly.Follow these simple steps and you’ll be enjoying all the benefits in no time!

Measurement Steps

1.) Measure yourself, without clothing on. We only need one as pictured below.

2.) Use your measurement to see what size range you fall into.

3.) Contact us with any questions. We love helping our customers.

Email: [email protected]
Call or Text: (877) 566-2833


Don’t have a measure tape? String, a phone charging cable, etc… can be used too. Wrap this around your body at the dotted line in the pic below, note where it crosses, lay it flat and measure with a ruler.

Please Avoid the Following:

1.) Guess your measurement or size based off other brands you wear. Our bras are special, and they will not fit you correctly if you do this.

2.) Do not Measure around your waist. Our bras are long but not that long. The best place is 1-2 inches below your breast.

3.)Do not measure across your bust. The goal is to determine your band size. The band should fit you snug just under the breasts.

* Sizing Notes *

~ If you fall in between size ranges we generally recommend going with the smaller one.

~ If you are very small (petite) our bras may not work as intended. Please call us first. We try to accommodate as many sizes as possible but everyone is different.

~ Our bras are supposed to fit tight, but not uncomfortable. You need as much support as possible to heal correctly.

~ If the elastic band feels loose you do not have the correct size and the bra will not seem very supportive. You may also notice the band rolls up or lack of compression if sized wrong.

~ Take care when trying on the bra to avoid getting deodorant, perfume or anything else on the product. In the event of an exchange we will charge a restocking fee or reject damaged units. (See Exchange & Return Policy)

~ Our bras are designed for recovery from many different surgeries such as: Breast Augmentation, Reconstruction, Lifts, Reductions and Mastectomy. They give a high level of compression while feeling soft and comfortable. They can be worn 24/7 immediately after or as required by your physician.

~ We’ve designed these bras to be your best friend during recovery but it doesn’t stop there! You can continue to wear these long after. Great for high impact workouts, running, jogging, etc. We support an active lifestyle.

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