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 At Brilliant Contours we know the post-op experience can be painful & uncomfortable. We’ve built our products and brand based on our very own experiences with breast surgery & the recovery process.
We’re here for you when it comes to comfort and support.


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Black, Hot pink and white post surgical compression bras

Dragonfly Post Op Bras

Classy, elegant, solid color fabrics!

Comfortable after breast surgery compression bras

Butterfly Post Op Bras

Fun, Stylish, Multi-Colored Prints!

Sports Bras

Classic Sports Bras

See the New “Busy Bee” Collection!

Fun Bralettes

Firefly Bralettes

A fun, sexy addition to your closet!



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About Brilliant Contours Bras

The Brilliant Contours bras™ are designed to help women feel beautiful about themselves and love their bodies. If you are in need to reconstruct, choose to augment or simply embrace your natural design, we support you. Our bra provides exceptional contouring and is designed with comfort in mind. The Brilliant Contours™ bra features durable high quality fabrics, adjustable straps and a convenient front zip up design. We also take it one step further with fabrics and prints unlike any you have seen with current products on the market. Love the way you feel, Comfort while you heal. We support you!