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In 2013, Brilliant Contours was created. Founded & led by women who have undergone various breast surgeries themselves and knew that there should be better recovery options available to all the women breast surgery affects. We are a family owned & operated company based in Phoenix, Arizona. We take great pride in providing the support women deserve while feeling comfortable & beautiful at the same time. All our products are made in the USA and we are proud to help any way we can. The owners and designers at Brilliant Contours welcome you into our world and family. Together we become better people and produce comforting results. We Support You!

The number of women affected by breast surgery each year is staggering. Whether it is for breast cancer related operations or the choice to enhance with augmentation, many of these women do not have all the information needed to truly help with the recovery process after an operation. We believe the peace of mind that comes with proper post op care is just as important as the operation itself. Our products are designed to greatly improve your recovery experience. We aim to help you feel beautiful and truly supported.

While advanced medicine truly is remarkable— its focus is on the procedures, and the steps leading up to them. Today’s surgeons are very talented. You could have the best doctor and your operation goes perfectly, but what about after? Your recovery is just as important but sadly it is an afterthought for many. You are sent home in an uncomfortable wrap or garment that makes the overall process much worse than it has to be. It can all be undone if you aren’t taking the steps to heal properly. Our goal is to change that. The way you feel and heal can have dramatic results. You don’t have to feel like a patient anymore, and our products are proof of this.

Women have spoken, they want better recovery options which allow them control and choice over their own body and after care. We have helped thousands of women with their recovery already. It is because of our wonderful customers that the sentiment has begun to shift. More surgeons are joining us, and offering our products as their aftercare solution. We are showing the medical community that proper after-care is just as important as the procedure itself. We are here for all of you, for your physical support, as well as emotional.

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