The Ideal Choice for Breast Augmentation Recovery

Proper post-operative care and support play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of your procedure. One essential component of this recovery process is choosing the right post-surgical bra.

Optimal Support Without the Wires

We understand the importance of gentle support without irritation. Our post-surgical bras are wire-free, which is particularly crucial if your incision is under the breast fold. Wired bras can cause discomfort and interfere with the healing process.

Front Closure to Aid Limited Range of Motion.

Immediately after breast augmentation surgery, your range of motion can be quite limited. Our bras feature a front closure design, ensuring you can easily get into the bra while having a limited range of motion.

Effective Compression for Reduced Swelling

Swelling is a common side effect of breast augmentation surgery. The compression provided by our bras helps reduce swelling, promoting a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Sufficient Support to Prevent Strain

Your newly augmented breasts need adequate support to prevent strain on the skin and tissues. Insufficient support can lead to sagging, which is why “BC” bras are designed to provide the perfect level of support to maintain the desired shape.

High-Quality, Soft Material for Comfort

Comfort during the recovery process is paramount. We use the highest quality, softest materials for our bras, ensuring you remain comfortable even when wearing the bra for extended periods.

Look and feel great with many stylish options.

Feeling good about yourself during recovery is just as important as physical comfort. We offer a wide variety of stylish design options and colors, allowing you to choose a bra that suits your style.

Surgeon-Approved and Customer-Preferred

What truly sets Brilliant Contours apart is that our bras are created collaboratively with surgeons. This means you’re getting a product that meets the strict guidelines recommended by medical professionals. Moreover, our bras have gained popularity among customers for their comfort and effectiveness in supporting the recovery process.

Take your bra past recovery as an incredibly comfortable, high-impact sports bra. 

Urban Camo Mastectomy bra*

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