Surgical Compression Bra

White Dragonfly Post Surgical Compression Bra

Comfortable Recovery

Our compression bras are specifically designed for post-breast surgery and daily use. Featuring high-quality compression fabrics, adjustable straps, and a wire-free design, our bras provide comfort and support that lasts all day. We have taken great care to avoid seams near suture/incision areas, ensuring maximum comfort!


Hear from our customers!

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t’s impossible to find recovery bras that feel incredible and do not induce irritation or pain. THIS is the shop for the perfect bra! Extremely happy!!!!
Allison recent customer
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These bras are amazing and perfect post op. My doctors at Mass General asked for your card! Thank you!
EmilyHappy Customer
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Beautifully made post-surgical bra- kept everything snug after my double mastectomy + reconstruction. Thanks ladies!

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Post Surgical Comfort Compression Bra
Color: White

– Ideal for Breast Augmentation, Mastectomy, Reductions & Reconstructions

– Reduces post op back pain & controls swelling after surgery

– Special Wire-Free Design will not rub on sensitive incision areas

– Zip Up Front lets you get into our bra pain free with ease

– Soft lining under the zipper to prevent contact with skin

– Features Adjustable Straps that also Separate

– Comfortable, Durable, High quality fabrics deliver the compression you need

– Once you’ve healed, our bra is great for Exercise, Running & other activities

– Designed by Women for Women & Made in the USA

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