Post Surgical Compression Bra – Candy Splash Butterfly


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Color/Style: Multi Color Rainbow Tie Dye – Fun & Unique, No two bras are alike!

– Ideal for Breast Augmentation, Mastectomy, Reductions & Reconstructions

– Reduces post op back pain & controls swelling after surgery

– Special Wire-Free Design will not rub on sensitive incision areas

– Zip Up Front lets you get into our bra pain free with ease

– Soft lining under the zipper to prevent contact with skin

– Features Adjustable Straps that also Separate

– Comfortable, Durable, High quality fabrics deliver the compression you need

– Once you’ve healed, our bra is great for Exercise, Running & other activities

– Designed by Women for Women & Made in the USA



So comfortable and supportive, you will fall in love with our one of a kind post surgical compression bra. You need the right support so you can heal properly after surgery, but you have to be comfortable too! We combine the two most important things you count on in a quality post op bra plus many extras. Brilliant Contours post surgery bras are ideal for Breast Augmentation, Mastectomy, Reductions & Reconstructions. Our beautiful post op bras deliver the compression you need to heal and the comfort you want to feel. See what everyone is saying! Brilliant Contours Reviews

There is no need to lift your arms to put our bra on thanks to our front zipper design. This helps ensure pain free use during your recovery. There is also a soft lining under the zipper to keep it from irritating your skin. The adjustable straps feature a strong nylon-coated metal adjuster so the “girls” stay in place. The straps can also be separated if desired.


Our Post Surgical Compression Bra goes a long way to ensure your comfort during your recovery. They are designed to keep everything in place, control swelling, reduce back pain and greatly improve your results after an operation.

We hold you firmly in place without discomfort. Our inside fabric is a soft yet strong compression lycra/spandex. The bra features a unique design to ensure it does not rub against any suture or incision areas. Peace of mind is just as important for your recovery. We can help you find the right size here: What’s my Bra Size?


It doesn’t stop there though! You deserve to feel beautiful too! Our bras are more than just a recovery bra. Think of them as an addition to your wardrobe. We offer our bras in many different colors and fabrics for you to choose from. See them all here: Full Catalog

At Brilliant Contours we pride ourselves with giving you a product that is designed with your lifestyle in mind. For things such as exercise, hiking, running etc… We support you long after your operation!

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

3 reviews for Post Surgical Compression Bra – Candy Splash Butterfly

  1. skyecarpenter16

    Fantastic bras and even better customer service. I have never ordered from a company so helpful and willing to work with you and any problems you have. Great quality fabrics and more than worth the money.

  2. Heather Mayes

    What an amazing company! Janice was such a big help and was beyond sweet! She understood what I was going through and now I understand the importance of having the right bra post surgery. Again what a wonderful, helpful, informative company! The bra is amazing, comfortable and 110% worth every penny!

  3. mikolann

    Highly recommend. The timely delivery and extra goodies really make you vauled and the bra is amazing. So comfy and perfect for post breast augmentation.

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