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Brilliant Contours
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by Dana on Brilliant Contours
Just purchased 2 more
Product: Dragonfly

Excellent costumer service! I had purchased a medium and actually needed a small. They sent me the small before I had even returned the medium to ensure that I had the right size before my surgery. I had a reduction and have worn this bra since I got home from the hospital.

Today is post-op day 3 and I just ordered 2 more.

by Tracy Piper on Brilliant Contours
Most Comfortable / Supportive Post Op Bra!
Product: Dragonfly Surgical Compression Bra

Just had double mastectomy with reconstructive for breast cancer. The post-op bra they sent me home from hospital was super painful and didn't fit properly. I immediately began my search for better and bought this bra! The bra feels so soft, so supportive, so comfortable I almost cried with relief. I must wear it 6-8 weeks so I just ordered a second one so I can wash one, wear one. So happy I found this bra!!!!!

by val on Brilliant Contours
Product: Silver Temptress Butterfly

I recently purchased one of these bras and I have to say this--after 15 years with augmented breasts, thousands and thousands of dollars in high- end bras- this is by far the most comfortable bra I have ever purchased. I am a 34-36g and the Medium fits just right, it's not as tight as I would like to work out in but OMG I don't want to take it off! Customer service with Reta was top notch. You will not be disappointed!

by Franchesca on Brilliant Contours
The Absolute Best
Product: Post Surgical Compression Bra

I don't write reviews on items I buy online because I'm not impressed with the product or customer service but with brilliant contours I HAVE TO WRITE A REVIEW!! The customer service has been AMAZING! I literally didn't think any company very much cared about their customer but these people at brilliant contour CARE! They patiently helped me in getting the proper size bra, and when it arrived it was packed beautifully in gift wrap with a few extra goodies like a personalized thank you note, and a notebook, and pen.It was beautiful. They actually care about the women using their products and that means so much! Thank you brilliant contours!

by Patricia Chappell on Brilliant Contours
Product: White Dragonfly Surgical Compression Bra

I had liposuction and breast lift September 27th. My Dr. and his nurse had my bra on and I had already bought another to take home that day. I am 67 years old and had never worn a sports bra ! I will have to wear it 24-7 for 6 weeks then sleep in the bra 6 months. This compression bra is absolutely the best I've ever had ! No wires, and is helping to keep my breast shaped,has helped dealing with swelling and pain. I LOVE this bra ! It feels like silk against my body. I just ordered 2 more ! I will definitely get more as my body heals.

by Vee on Brilliant Contours
Product: Sapphire Sky Butterfly

Came back to buy this bra because the first was SO COMFORTABLE. I felt more supported and secure wearing Brilliant Countour bras. My Doctor approves! Great for workouts, too!

by Vee on Brilliant Contours
Product: Evening Cloak Butterfly

Incredible Brand! Comfort and high quality design can’t be beat. This black print is super soft and cushioned. Perfect for gals like me who love to wear black!

by ayla null on Brilliant Contours
comfortable and supportive
Product: Post Op Butterfly's & Dragonfly's

I recently had a breast augmentation, and had ordered 3 post opp bras. I am in between size extra small and small. as soon as I placed my order, reta had emailed me confirming my order. she had changed all three size smalls to one being an extra Small, and I am so thankful she had. these bras are wonderful and so supportive. I know that wearing my post opp butterfly and dragonfly bras that my breast will heal amazing! Definitely recommend ordering for after surgery!

by lizzywa on Brilliant Contours
Product: Black Dragonfly

Perfect for after breast reduction!

by Latisha Stupka on Brilliant Contours
Product: Striped Golden Nymph Butterfly

I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction in 12/18. 7/2019 had my tissue expanders exchanged for my new implants. This bra saved me from a few weeks of surgical bra misery. I was released after 3 weeks to wear a “normal” bra, without underwires, of course. I’ve been choosing to sleep in this bra for extra support. The customer service was absolutely wonderful! They contacted me right after I placed the order, to verify my size. I was ordering a bra that would have been too big and the rep let me know. She was super nice and a pleasure to deal with! The bra came within 3 days!!! Packaged oh so cute, with a hand written thank you card from the owners, and 2 little extras…a mini bottle of hand sanitizer & a fun pencil…it was so nice and put a smile on my face. Great company & great product! You cannot ask for anything more! Thank you ladies!!! xoxo

by savannan851 on Brilliant Contours
Product: Silver Temptress Butterfly

I don't ususlly leave reviews but i absolutley love this Post Op compression bra! Love the color, the material, and especially the band part around waist! Will be purchasing more! Comfortable than any other bra i have purchased since my breast augmentation. Love the communication to make sure that it was my size, & etc. Love the packaging & card so sweet. Thanks again

by Carlie Register on Brilliant Contours
Product: Silver Temptress Butterfly

SUCH A SOFT BRA! Not even joking. Amazing quality and so comfy!

by Carlie Register on Brilliant Contours
Product: Evening Cloak, Silver Temptress Butterfly

Pretty much lived in this bra for 4 days after my surgery... only took it off to wear my snakeskin one 😂😂 BEST customer service, quick shipping, best quality! Everyone asked where I got them from! I’ll def continue buying just for a good sleep bra. SUCH A SOFT BRA! Not even joking. Amazing quality and so comfy!

by msflix on Brilliant Contours
Product: Pink Dragonfly

I cannot express how buttery soft this bra is! I can't wait to wear it after my surgery. Fast shipping and beautiful packaging. Highly recommend!

by JC on Brilliant Contours
Product: Pink Dragonfly

Very well made and super soft. Customer service is great! I like the variety of patterns to choose from. The light pink is very pretty.
Great idea for a product.

by Stefani on Brilliant Contours
Product: Black Dragonfly

Wore mine right out of surgery and it was perfect. The material is so soft and comfortable yet very supportive. Due to size of my implants I’m wearing two at a time and even doubled up the feel is fantastic. These are great for sleeping as well, no discomfort at all.

The customer service was absolutely amazing, by far the best customer service experience I have had.

by Stacey on Brilliant Contours
Very comfortable and supportive
Product: Pale Lavender Dragonfly & Soft Grey Butterfly

I had breast augmentation and a breast lift, these bras are so comfortable and supportive at the same time. I have stitches around my nipple and underneath my breast and these bras don’t irritate either of those areas. They are very well designed and a lot of different colors to choose from. Customer service is amazing as well!

by Rebecca Phelps on Brilliant Contours
Amazing comfort and support!
Product: Crystal Wave, Plum, Olive & Urban Camo Butterfly Bras

My doctor's office showed me the Butterfly bra. I am in LOVE! SO much better than the one given in the hospital. Great compression support! I wore it out of the office and promptly purchased more. The patterns are very fun and help you feel comfortable around all incisions. I wish I had learned of these sooner.

by Amy Cousineau on Brilliant Contours
Amazing bras
Product: Butterfly Bras

I had a lumpectomy and will be going through radiation soon. Did a lot research and found these bras. Wish I had found them before my scheduled surgery, but they came in two days after. So much better than the bras I bought at kohl’s. The inseams helped immensely. Customer service is amazing. Highly recommend these bras if I could give them a million stars I would. Thank you for making something uncomfortable so much more comfortable.

by Brittney Higgins on Brilliant Contours
10 Million Stars
Product: White Dragonfly

Wow!!! If you’re looking for a post op bra this is the one!! I recently had a breast reduction/lift (May 7/19) and this bra is a life saver, my go to and I’ll be wearing it for the 6-8 weeks. It’s long enough so it doesn’t rub incisions and helped immensely with my swelling keeping my breasts nice and compressed for healing! I highly recommend this bra. I also got the drainage tube lanyard but wish I bought two or that the lanyard string was longer (my surgeon just cut one tube shorter than the other) but overall everything worked out perfectly. 10 million stars 🙂

by Kathie Dunn on Brilliant Contours
Product: Sky Blue Dragonfly

It fits perfect & was delivered very quickly

by Ashlee Haage on Brilliant Contours
Product: Pink Dragonfly

Brilliant Contours has impeccable customer service!!! They emailed me to verify my size and were more than helpful considering I was an in between size. I ended up returned due to my own issues but I would HIGHLY recommend! Quality and customer service were spot on.

by Anonymous on Brilliant Contours
Product: Galaxy Goddess Butterfly, Sapphire Sky Butterfly

I’m so happy with my two bras! The material is soft, the fabric is fun and the fit will be great post op breast reduction. I am really impressed by the customer service. Ordering from Canada means no returns however Reta emailed me right away to confirm sizing and to let me know about international shipping. When my bras arrived, they were packaged so nicely and came with a personalized thank you card. I highly recommend Brilliant Contours.

by Meaghan Sinclair on Brilliant Contours
Product: Pink Dragonfly

Amazing! I wish all post-surgical bras were designed like this. I had an augmentation 2 weeks ago and have been buying surgical bra after surgical bra, trying to find one that didn’t dig into the skin underneath the breasts (SO painful and that’s not even where the incisions are!). This is the first time I’ve been comfortable In two weeks. Awesome customer service too!

by D.D. on Brilliant Contours
So happy with this!!!
Product: Post-Op Compression Bra Butterfly (pink camo & leopard print)

Just got my Brilliant Contours compression bras in the mail. I absolutely love them! I’d originally ordered medium, but they emailed me to double check sizing and it turned out I needed small. thank goodness they checked. It’s that attention to detail that makes great business and the smalls fit perfectly! They were having buy one get another 40% off, so I got the pink camo and leopard print. Super cute! Now I’ll have something to wear to the beach while I’m healing that won’t show so much while I’m still swollen. These bras are on the pricey side ($155 canadian for the pair after shipping to my U.S. post box) but I know I’ll be able to keep wearing them long after my 6 week no regular bras phase. Can’t wait to order more colors once I’m able to!

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