Post Surgical Bra Comfortable Breast Augmentation Recovery Post Op Bra


The Ana’s Hummingbird Comfort Compression Bra™ is our Deluxe Post Surgical Bra for Mastectomy & Reconstruction surgery. It was carefully designed to assist in your recovery after surgery when drainage bags to hold bulbs and drains are needed. It also features 2 interior breast pockets to fit small-medium prosthetic inserts.

What to wear after a breast surgery is probably the last thought on your mind but it’s one of the most important! This is the item you’ll be spending considerable time in. An item to hold you in place when it matters the most. It will be your side kick to get you through a painful experience, so it has to be comfortable!

If you’re looking for a post surgical bra for mastectomy or other type of surgery, the Ana bra is our highest recommendation. Proper recovery is so important to get back to being yourself and that’s exactly what this bra provides while you feel pretty!

Two Mesh Drainage Bags + two velcro straps are included. The mesh drain bag holders can be attached directly to the bra by connecting the velcro strap from the bag to the concealed velcro strip built in to the bra. The bags & straps can also be detached when you do not need to use them.

If you would like to purchase additional drainage bags you may do so here: Additional Drain Bags

The bra is made of beautiful high grade non-allergic fabrics, elastic, and lace. It is durable, washable and made in the USA. The Ana’s Hummingbird has a zipper front closure for ease of use and 6 adjustable settings on the shoulder. It can be worn 24/7 with comfort and knowledge that your healing is going the way YOU want.

Don’t settle for the cheap, flimsy bras that most surgical centers and physicians send you home in. This bra can be worn from the point of surgery through the entire recovery. Our super soft and beautiful Ana’s Hummingbird Bra is sure to be your best friend.