Post Surgical Bra Comfortable Breast Augmentation Recovery Post Op Bra


The Dragonfly Post Surgery Bras are classy, elegant, solid color designs that feature some of our softest fabrics. We’ve got you covered when it comes to comfortable after surgery bras.

Both the Dragonfly & Butterfly bras are made the exact same way. You will find the same great post op recovery benefits in both. The only difference is the outside fabric choices. Same great support, same great feel.

Our Post-Surgical Sports Bras go a long way to ensure your comfort during your recovery. They are designed to keep everything in place, control swelling, reduce back pain and greatly improve your results after an operation.

It doesn’t stop there though! Our bras are more than just a recovery bra. Think of them as an addition to your wardrobe. At Brilliant Contours we pride ourselves with giving you a product that is also designed with your lifestyle in mind for things such as exercise, hiking, running etc… We support you long after your operation!