In 2014, Brilliant Contours was created. Founded & led by women who have undergone various breast surgeries themselves. We are a family owned & operated company based in Phoenix, Arizona. All our products are made in the USA and we are proud to help any way we can. The owners and designers at Brilliant Contours welcome you into our world and family. Together we become better people and produce quality products. Thank You!


Brilliant Contours Cause

The number of women affected by breast surgery each year is staggering. Whether it is for breast cancer related operations or the choice to enhance with augmentation many of these women do not have all the information needed to truly help with the recovery process after an operation.

While advanced medicine let’s these situations be addressed—and it truly is remarkable—the little-known fact is that most women will remain uninformed about their options, their resources, and their rights as they pursue a resolution.

Women have spoken, they want better recovery options which allow them control and choice over their own body and after care. It is surprising how many doctors still are unaware of better post-surgical options. Our goal is to change that. We are here for all, for your physical support, as well as emotional.


Brilliant Contours Breast Surgery points of care

Patients are multi-dimensional. They have fears. They have questions. They are experiencing pain or anxiety for the surgery they are having. Either way, they are experiencing changes in their bodies that greatly affect them personally on many levels.

These concerns should focus on two specific areas:
• Physical Needs
• Emotional needs

​Physical Needs
Women with physical needs require the help of physicians which is usually in the form of surgery. These procedures not only include the surgical work done, but also involve a period of recovery that can be extensive and ongoing. Delicate support near the suture areas, yet firm compression are very important while you’re healing. This is an area where our products are carefully designed to help. The recovery process can also be very uncomfortable which we’ve got you covered there too.

​Emotional Needs
Women encountering procedures have emotional needs, prior to, during and after the surgery. This is what we are all about. Brilliant Contours™ wants to offer products which help a woman feel good about their body and their emotional state during and after recovery. When you feel comfortable and supported it offers peace of mind, which goes a long way. Our products reflect our concern and our mission to care about all women and all types operations.


Find info and support for breast cancer and surgery
Those having to face a breast surgery for health related issues are most likely surprised by the situation. It can be overwhelming and difficult to find the best course of action at times. Not all have the same resources to effectively deal with the before and after. For those who need additional help we are happy to say we also work with Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a great group of people who have all “been there” in one way or another. They truly care about all women faced with a diagnosis and have made it their mission to help.

Visit them here: Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation

Owner of Brilliant Contours with Impact One Founders